Thursday, April 30, 2015

My "darling" daughter...

This kid...

A few years back she worked in a nursing home for a while. One day she came home and said, "Mom, when you get old and sick I am not going to put you in a nursing home." Before I could tell her that I appreciated that she continued, "I'm just gonna SHOOT you." It's been a running family joke ever since. If her dad or I get a cold we are quick to assure her, "We're fine! Don't shoot!"

In the past few years we, as a family, have discussed that when Chris and I die we'd like to be cremated and have her put our ashes in a nice jar and shake it up so we can be intermingled forever. Rachel has clearly been thinking about this, and today she asked me, "If you are cremated, do you still want a headstone?" Then she started to giggle. I looked at her quizzically. She said, "I started to ask, 'When I kill you, do you still want a headstone?'"

Raising children is not for the faint of heart.

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