Sunday, April 12, 2015

Love and laughter...

I've been married to Chris for 31 years.
He has made me laugh every day for all of those years. The other day I told him I needed a clicker to tally up how many times a day he makes me giggle.
I'd be clicking all the time! Here is an example. This past fall I discovered a clothing brand called "Cuddle Duds." There are a few different types, but the one I love the best is sort of glorified long underwear. Supremely comfortable and sort of snug, they are great under other clothes on a cold winter day, and also super comfy just to lounge around in. I got 3 sets and they became my winter 'hang out' uniform.

Yesterday Chris and I were going to take a nap together. It was chilly and I wanted to change out of what I was wearing and put my Cuddle Duds on. I was digging around trying to find a set, to no avail. They were all in the washing machine. Chris saw me looking. He extended his arms to me and quipped from between the covers, "Don't Cuddle Duds! Cuddle DUDE!" I could not resist the cuddles or the laughter.

And then today, after Ella gave birth to twins, he didn't hesitate to lie right down in the shed to help one of them find a teat and get her first meal.
Things like that make me fall in love, over and over again.

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