Friday, April 10, 2015

Joy, present and past...

The four goat kids we have on the ground are getting big and bouncy. They are prone to spontaneous leaps though the air, and racing to and fro. It is quite intoxicating to watch. There is so much HAPPY in those little bodies. They seem to enjoy each others company, exploring their surroundings in a group and falling asleep in a warm pile on the straw. It's hard to get much done, when I can be so easily distracted by their antics.

I read this morning that today is "Siblings Day." I thought about that watching the kids play, and I began to think back to the fun memories of growing up with my siblings.

This picture was taken of us at my Aunt Marylou's wedding. I'm the little one with scabby knees on the right. Behind me is sister Diane, (Dicy,) who is currently keeping the angels laughing with her antics.She tended to be the one who tested the limits in our family, and I admired her to my toes. She was strong, capable and confident,and she was epically funny. I was lucky to have her for a sister.

To her left is my sister Deb. A more thoughtful and generous person never graced the earth. I remember lying belly down on our wooden bedroom floor when I was 5, while she patiently taught me to read. We had boxes full of books, The Happy Hollister series, in their red bindings, were what I read first.I've been an avid reader all my life, and she started it. It fascinates me to think that even as a small child she had a gift for teaching. She teaches children now, and has for over 35 years. She has spread the love of learning to thousands of children. I admire that so much!

Next to her are my beloved Chase grandparents. Then my oldest sister, Donna. One of my most magical memories of her is that she spirited me away one morning in the pre-dawn. I was about 6, and she drove me to watch the sunrise at Castle Hill on Crane Beach,(Ipswich,MA.) She brought her guitar and played and sang as the sun came up. She had (and has!) a gift of making anything seem like a big adventure. She is a children's librarian now, instilling the excitement of the adventures found in books to countless children. She also helps teach kids about the wonder of music at a music school. What could be more magical than that?

To her left are my parents, and then my sweet big brother, Dana. He was my hero when we were growing up. Big and strong and rather exotic, being that he was the only boy in the family. He kindly let me tag along on all sorts of adventures he and his friends dreamed up. He taught me how to dig worms for fishing, how to shoot a gun and use a pocket knife. He taunted and teased me mercilessly. And he still does.

I was so fortunate to grow up with siblings. Since I was the baby they pampered and spoiled me shamelessly. I loved it all.

All that joy the goat kids show as they grow reminds me of the happiness I had surrounded with my siblings. Joy in the past, joy in the present.

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El Dauncey said...

Baby of the family? They learn from the errors of older sibs.