Sunday, April 19, 2015


Sister Deb came to visit this weekend. She has not been here since Thanksgiving, so it it's an extra special treat to have her here. This morning we went out for breakfast at a fun, favorite, local place, the Come Spring cafe.
One of the specials was pancakes with homemade baked apples and whipped cream. Of course there were plenty of other things on the menu, but genetics prevailed and we both ordered the same thing. And it was delicious!

Yesterday Deb's daughter Aimee and her husband Tim came to be here, just for the day. It's a three hour drive each way, but they wanted some good Maine mojo and a visit with all the baby goaties. I adore seeing them, it is always a treat.

I took a moment, while we were all gathered around the table, to feel deeply, profoundly grateful that my sweet family takes the time and effort to come here to be with us. It is sometimes tricky for me to get away, with all the critters we have here to care for. But here were were, sisters and more, laughing and catching up. It is better than riches, by far.

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