Thursday, April 23, 2015

What I do...

My commute to work these days is so sweet. I get up early, take care of all the animals, then tidy up the house. Then I think, "It's time to go to work..." and 30 seconds later I am standing in my sun washed studio waiting for pets to arrive.

And now, as I enter my first spring, arriving they are. My phone rings and rings.

I bake cookies, I make sure the coffee is ready. People come, they stay and watch me work, we chat and laugh and it all just SO good.

The days are busy and long, but sweet.

Outside the windows I can watch the baby goats play, the chickens scratch, the ducks waddle and splash.

I love what I do... and where I do it.


Mary t Kincaid said...

Your day sounds awesome. It is wonderful to read what someone who has great joy in their day has to say about it. I am happy in what I do. I take joy in my day but you have expressed it much better in your pictures of the pets than I have with my words. I envy that.

Terri Giuliano Long said...

Loving what you do is one of life's best gifts! Lovely post!