Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for delight...

After this long, long, cold and hard winter, I am grasping onto what small signs of spring I can find, with great glee.
Earlier this week the ground under my crab apple tree was covered in snow and ice. By today it was all gone, and to my complete surprise I saw this:

Daffodils starting to pop up! The mud is hopeful, too, but not as pretty.

And for more delight... earlier in the week a customer and I were chatting about "healthy food." Things like oatmeal cookies, because, hello! They have OATMEAL! She shared that she liked carrot cake, and OH! I do, too. She told me she had an excellent recipe for carrot cupcakes. I asked if she would share a copy. Today, as I was working, she called and asked if she could drop the recipe off as she was in the area. I thought that was incredibly nice. But she went above and beyond, and brought me a whole tray of the scrumptious little things.
I'm ashamed to admit I ate two. And enjoyed every moist, sweet morsel. I think I shall have another for breakfast. After all, it has vegetables in it, so must be healthy!

The new baby goats are strong and healthy and learning to jump and hop and spin. This only increases their adorableness. It is a bit hard to get much done, when I have the option of standing outside and watching them be babies.

These are the kinds of things that bring me delight.

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