Friday, April 3, 2015

Challenge and construction and cake...

I neglected to mention that I am partaking in a 25 day blog challenge. I am to post a daily blog for this span, and it is an alphabet challenge, so my first topic began with an "A" and I will end with a "Z." Since this is day 3, I am blogging with the letter "C." I scrolled through the pictures I've taken lately and thought I'd share these with you.

Earlier this week I was riding in my daughters car, when I saw the above scene. As we whizzed past I tried to wrap my head around what I had glimpsed. I couldn't, quite. So I asked my daughter if she would turn around. She kindly did.

I've always liked this house. It was clearly in need of repair for many years, but it had great lines. It was recently purchased by a home heating oil company. They tore down the old barn and built a huge new one. They put new siding on the house, and made some other improvements. I have NO idea what was up with the excavator through the front door. But it fascinated me.

I'm going to add in one more "C" word for good measure. Cake.

Although it is called Boston Cream Pie, it really is cake. My daughter baked it for me, from scratch, for my birthday. Her rendition was not only beautiful, but amazingly delicious. Dense, moist, filled with smooth, cool custard and topped with rich ganache. I think I may turn this into my annual birthday request.

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