Monday, April 27, 2015

Random photo...

I finished my blog challenge yesterday, but have been enjoying my daily assignments. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to blog about today, so I scrolled though my pictures and randomly picked one file. I vowed to blog about something I found in some picture in that file.

This is the shot I landed on. It is Beth, my friend and the most wonderful receptionist of all time when I worked at Yankee Clipper. She died too soon, and I miss her.

Every work day Beth would go to the bank, and while she was out she'd grab lunch for herself. It was usually something from a convenience store. She was prone to sticking to a certain lunch for extended periods. It might be two weeks of pizza, then 10 days of burgers. Or maybe some chicken. For days. There was a span of time the macaroni and cheese was popular. No matter what the lunch, she would eat about 3/4's of it, then crouch down to share the rest with the shop dogs.

The shop dogs were whichever dogs happened to be on the floor that day. My dogs were always included.Other employee dogs might be there, too. Then there might be some little dogs that were frequent guests at the place, and had good manners. The cast of little faces varied. In this picture there is Flirt the toy poodle,and a cute visiting Yorkshire terrier. Then there is Blossom, a pug we adopted from the shelter and didn't have long enough.

That dog loved to eat. And snuggle. And poop on the floor. But I digress. Back to Beth. She was one of those people that everyone liked. You just couldn't help it. And the dogs? They adored her. I do believe that dogs know a good person when they see one, and they all saw that Beth was a person to be trusted. Especially if she was handing out mac and cheese.

I miss Beth. And I miss little Blossom, too. I hope that Blossom has found Beth in heaven, and that they hang out together at lunch. I bet there is some pretty amazing macaroni and cheese there.

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