Thursday, April 16, 2015


The piglets have been here for three days now.

The first night they were here they were acting pretty traumatized from being removed from their birthplace and hauled in a trailer to a new spot. They did eat and drink, but they didn't quite figure out that they had a little house piled high with an entire bale of bright straw to sleep in. So, that first night they slept outside, and when I checked on them in the morning they were shivery and pathetic. I felt awful, it was only 28 degrees out, and they had slept on the cold ground all night.

Yesterday they explored a little more, continued to eat and drink, and they frolicked a bit. I put their food pan, filled with tasty treats like ginger snaps, inside the little house.

When we went out last night to check on them all we could see was one pig ear, protruding from the straw. They had burrowed in, deep, and were happily asleep and warm, under the bedding. I slept better, knowing they were warm and comfortable.

It is a pleasure to see to see the girls rooting about in the dirt, to hear their contented grunts.

We have not named them yet, but I feel sure the right names will come. Meanwhile, the piglets are settling in and learning to enjoy life at FairWinds.

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