Saturday, April 25, 2015


After a long, cold, snowy winter, spring is more than welcome.
Yet she is acting shy and holding back. Last night a friend that lives about 15 miles from me reported that it was snowing at her place, and this morning when I went out to milk goats and feed animals the thermometer read 27F.

I long to put my coat and gloves away.

And I am yearning for the grass to grow and for flowers to bloom.

Though the buds on my lilac are beginning to swell a bit, they don't look like blossoming is anywhere near ready to happen.

However, feeling optimistic I filled and hung the hummingbird feeder yesterday.

I want to be ready when they arrive. The charts say that could be in the next two weeks. If I were a Hummingbird I'd wait a bit.
They will get here and yearn, too.

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