Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Today at FairWinds...

The male Goldfinches have moulted their dull olive feathers and replaced them with brilliant yellow. They flit about like shards of sunshine, and small flocks of them decorate my feeders, beautifully.

Meanwhile, my beautiful new Silky chickens are acclimating well. There is something sort of magical about them... they look so incongruous yet lovely strutting around the yard. And they are very friendly, happily letting us pick them up and carry them about.

Tonight when naughty Celeste snuck into the hen yard, in hopes of stealing the big bowl of poultry food, I asked Ziva to help me get her out.

The command is, "Get that goat." Ziva likes this game.

Celeste hid behind a little house the poultry sometimes use, and peered out. She well knows what "get the goat" means, and she does not like it one bit.

But Ziva prevailed, and she handily ushered Celeste out of the hen yard and all the way to the pasture. Good dog!
There she stopped to see if Luna's kids might want to play. When they nurse they often go down on their front knees, which to a dog looks like a play bow. Ziva bowed, too, and looked puzzled when the kids were more interested in getting a good drink than they were in the invitation to race and romp.

I tossed her ball for her a bit, and we went out to say hello to the piglets, too.

The piglets spent much of the day rooting around in the soft dirt, or wading in the little vernal pool at the end of the pasture. They had enjoyed their meals and snuggled into the soft straw for a few naps. They are happy pigs.

From Finches on the feeder to food stealing goats to pigs in the pasture, there is a lot of life here at FairWinds.

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