Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mama love and more...

Luna goat is terribly thin, but is eating and Eating and EATING. I take her for walks up the road so she can feast on leaves and twigs and vines. It makes her happy.

Despite her physical condition, she does not seem to be sad or in pain.
She is so sweet cuddling her little buckling. A few weeks ago I was pretty sure she was dying. Now, I don't know. It's a one day a time thing. I am grateful every morning when she greets me with her quiet voice.

I managed to snap this picture of a warbler called a "Common Yellowthroat." I don't find them be all that common, and was happy that this picture came out so nicely.

The hummingbirds continue to delight me...

As do the splashy Rose Breasted Grossbeaks.

Work has been very busy. The grooming business is traditionally active during the summer months, and my phone is ringing all day long. Several of the local veterinarians (some I have never met!) have been telling their clients about me, and those referrals are worth their weight in gold.

I spend my day in a sun splashed place meeting interesting new people and grooming dogs and cats. And it is good. So good it is almost not like work.

Outside the window the goats frolic and graze and bask in the early summer sun. I am content.

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