Sunday, June 21, 2015

Small happinesses...

Niece Aimee and her husband came to visit yesterday, with "Lucy," their little dog. Lucy is one of Flirt's puppies. Flirt is always very happy to see her, trouncing her soundly, time and again. Lucy loves to come to the farm. She usually hops into the duck pool, and rolls in goat poo, and chases... any animal she can. None of the stock take her very seriously, she's pretty tiny and non threatening. And cute.

On this trip I got to see something I had only ever heard about. Lucy is an epic swimmer. We took her to the pond for a demonstration of her skills.

She leaps in with reckless abandon. She will swim for the joy of it, but is also happy to fetch twigs tossed for her.

She swims until she is so tired she is shaking. It makes her happy. It made people watching her happy, too. She is so small, yet so filled with exuberance, it's a joy to see her relishing the experience. This little dog embraces life full on.

We saw a stunning pair of Loons while we were on the shore.

A butterfly hung out with us a while...completing the magic of our day.

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