Sunday, June 28, 2015

Father's Day, postponed...

Poor Chris. He spent all of Father's Day schlepping me about to get my new truck. So we did "take #2" today. First on the agenda was Rachel and I cooking his favorite breakfast, sausage with biscuits and gravy. It's just plain not good for us, so I typically only make it twice a year, his birthday and fathers day.

It started with making biscuits.

It occurred to me that it was a bit poetic to be baking scratch biscuits in a 100 year old farm house. Then it came to me that it was even neater because I was using fresh milk from my goats, and lard I had rendered myself from a pig we raised! How many "modern" people do that?

Next we cooked up some sausage and made a pan of thick gravy. Daughter Rachel wanted a lesson, to see if she could improve her technique. It came out well, rich in flavor and deeply creamy.

Our efforts were met with approval.

Later Rachel took Chris out to lunch and to a movie. I think his second take on his special day was good.

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