Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beautiful Breakfast...

My friends Carol and Glenn made me the most amazing breakfast this morning. I drove to their place, out in the back of beyond, through spitting snow. It is a stunning drive, with smudgy mountains in the distance, frozen brooks zigging through the woods, and an amazing mix of homes dotting the way. Ancient houses in poor repair, equally ancient places that have been restored,newer homes, and single wides all share the same "neighborhood." I even passed a yurt! It is one of the many charms of Maine.

The warmth of the wood stove at my destination was most welcome. Carol let me help beat the egg whites for her "fluffy egg nest" recipe with this adorable hand mixer.
Then she assembled the feast; home baked sourdough toast was topped with whipped egg whites, then the yolks were slipped carefully into the "nest." Each creation was topped with pat of butter and a dollop of heavy cream. (I could hear the sirens from the cholesterol police coming closer!) She baked the tray of nests until the yolks were just set. Glenn had carefully fried paper thin, perfectly browned, crispy bacon earlier. This was truly a memorable, beautiful and just plain delicious meal.

Thanks, friends!

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