Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This little puppy will be coming home to stay in about a week and a half.
She got a clean bill of health at the vet's today, and also had a bath and a trim up.

I feel guilty about bringing home another dog, but Chris says he does not care. And life is short. So... we need a NAME for this tiny thing! Latest ideas rattling around:

Come on, chime in!


D'Gaye said...

You know I love Halo...and Smidgen brings to mind some cute nick names but Daryl dear. Quit fussing. When you get her, she will likely name herself. At least that has always been my experience.

solarity said...

Quit giving me poodle fever! She's gorgeous.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Kim said...

I took one look at the puppy and the name CoCo came to mind. Just think Daryl, Coco the poodle and Chanel the horse. You're on to something.