Monday, February 15, 2010

A couple more kitchen pictures...

I am so delighted with my "new" kitchen I had to add a couple more pictures. The hutch is a very old one that belonged to my Mom. When she first hauled it home from a yard sale it was (and I am not making this up) tangerine orange and cobalt blue. Since that time it has had many other face lifts. Now white, it holds some of my favorite treasures, Staffordshire dogs, old china and other things that make me smile.

We hung a lace valance over the kitchen sink window today... that one small touch softens the look of the room and looks delightful to me. The funky "Waters" letters were found amongst my uncles things when he died... that is my maiden name.

I love to be surrounded with things that make me happy to look at them. If items in my home are not useful, beautiful or wildly sentimental, out they go!

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Cottagecheap said...

Looks like a birdhouse sprouting out of your "waters"