Monday, February 22, 2010

Decorating my life...

One of my mothers favorite things to do was decorate one room by "shopping" from another. She would change up the look of the house just by moving things about. And she loved it!

When we painted the kitchen recently I decorated by removing a bunch of items from the front room into the kitchen. This left the hutch and side table in the front room looking rather sparse and forlorn. So, today I polished up the furniture and then went shopping. I shopped upstairs, and on the cold porch. I shopped in the living room and in the tall cabinet in the dining room.

I ended up with a whimsical candelabra tucked into an awkward corner in the kitchen, and a minimalist look on the big hutch... but I find it looks restful, and the candles in crystal are very welcoming.

I like to think my mom was smiling down at me while I tripped from room to room, finding treasures to decorate my life.

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