Monday, February 8, 2010

The table in progress...

I went to visit my table today. She is a thing of beauty! The blue and white crackle paint on the underside and on the legs is done, awaiting a beeswax rub. The top finish is in progress. She currently resides in a sunny loft where she is being cared for by a lovely woman with great artistic skills. Apparently the finish is something that is applied layer by layer and it takes time for the beauty to be created. I came home and looked at my mostly empty dining room with great glee. This weekend I plan to touch up the paint in there, wax the floor, wash the window and prepare for the arrival of my dream table! I have a chandelier that I've been waiting to have installed for several years. I'll see if we can get that taken care of, too, so the room will be ready for the wonderful new addition. This is SO exciting!

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