Thursday, May 23, 2013

A bit about birds...

I have been particularly enjoying the sounds of birdsong this spring. The winter seemed long and silent this year, and now that the birds are in full voice it is a treasure. I moved the bird feeder to a different location, near some fruit trees. The birds approve of the change. This afternoon I took some time to just sit with my camera and catch some shots. This Goldfinch stayed in one place a long time, posing. I've been admiring this Rose breasted grosbeak for days. He has been a frequent visitor,but the second I'd get my camera he'd vanish. I got sneaky today and caught him. A small, sweet victory. The perky chickadee's are reliable friends no matter the season. As common as they are, I still find them to be a treat. The red winged blackbirds are rampant here. The "Cheerily!" song they sing from very early spring makes me smile. And then there is Dove, she who will not be contained by mere fence. She is everywhere I don't want her to be.

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