Tuesday, May 14, 2013


On Saturday, while at work, my boss/friend was called to the phone. The receptionist had a funny look on her face when she came to ask her to take the call. It was a short conversation, and when she got back I said, "Is everything ok?" "Everything is fine," she said. This was all very odd. I found myself thinking, "Maybe the call involved someone doing something nice for me." My next thought was, "WHY would you think that? It is not your birthday, it is not Christmas, why do you automatically think that any out of the ordinary call means that something nice is going to happen for you? How egocentric ARE you?" I berated myself. Then I thought, "Actually, that is sort of a nice outlook on life!" Later I found out that call WAS about me. My daughter had called to consult with my friend about a Mother's day gift. I've given my reaction a lot of thought, and I have decided that I like the fact that in my heart I believe that many mysteries are lovely things, waiting to bloom.

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