Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chanel sees the "dentist..."

Chanel has an equine dentist and he comes once a year to check her teeth and make sure there are no sharp edges that might irritate her mouth. I have never seen the process in action, and was fascinated to watch. First the tools came out and were rinsed in sanitizing solution and water. Next he rinsed her big old grassy mouth, causing her to spew green foam in copious amounts. After that a series of files were inserted into her mouth to smooth her teeth. She took it all in stride. Lastly a large metal thing called a speculum went into her mouth so the dentist could pry those jaws open and access her bottom teeth. Again my patient horse just stood there, with the sun pouring down on her and a strange man sticking a variety of odd looking tools in her quiet mouth. And then she was good to go... off to the greening grass and the warmth of the spring breeze, with her teeth in good order for another year. Leaving me a little lighter in the wallet and impressed, again, with what a very good pony I have.

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