Saturday, May 25, 2013

Got milk..?

Today I went to a local dairy to get fresh, raw milk. I brought my big two quart mason jars. There were cows. And prettiness... We chatted with the nice lady while she bucket fed a wee small calf, "He's stubborn," she said. "He drinks a bit then looks around, and I have to hold his head." Then she washed her hands, got a pillow patched with layers of duct tape and put it on the concrete floor at the base of the huge stainless steel tank. The cows had just been milked and when she kneeled down on the pillow and opened the spigot at the base of the tank she said, "Oh, it's still warm." In two shakes she had my jars filled with fresh, creamy milk. So now I have jars of milk in my 'fridge from cows I've met personally. Somehow that makes it all so much sweeter.

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