Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Got a lot done..."

I sometimes joke that I would like, "She got a lot done!" carved into my tombstone. The days in which I feel that I have accomplished much are among my favorites. Today I got up and took care of all the livestock, then went to work. I worked all day, and while there did a few extra things, like decluttered a messy counter, reframed a couple photos for the lobby and bathed the resident cat. Then I got home and ran a hot wire fence around our side yard. Next, I turned the horse out there so she could mow for me. Multi tasking! Feed the horse, mow the yard. I then moved the baby chicks from the small brooder cage in the kitchen to a kiddie pool in the garage. They were, odoriferous! They seemed very happy in their new space. After that, more multi tasking! I have a flower bed that has been completely taken over by a horrible plant called Bishop's Weed. I have been battling it for years, and decided that this year I am going to just smother the garden to kill EVERYTHING and then start over. I consulted with some gardener friends who suggested I cover the flower bed with thick layers of newspaper, then cover that with hay. I got 90% of the bed done tonight. This accomplished two things; weed murder AND removal of hay from the garage floor where it had built up over the winter from spillage of the bales as I fed. And... I tied Luna goat near another troubled area. Turns out she is excellent at weeding AND pruning! During all this I also popped a ham in the oven. It was done to perfection when it got too dark for me to work outside anymore. After I ate I had a lengthy interview for an article I will write tomorrow morning before work. Yup. I got a lot done.

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solarity said...

It sounds very satisfying. I'm sitting indoors watching the weeds take over because I can choose to garden and breathe pollen, or to go to work feeling vaguely human instead.

Mary Anne in Kentucky