Sunday, May 26, 2013

True confessions...

In my rich and active fantasy life, my home is always clean, orderly and welcoming. In real life I live with a rather messy man and a LOT of pets. I find keeping our little house looking the way I want to be a constant challenge. The downstairs of the place is mostly clutter free and easy to keep tidy, but the upstairs? Not so much. I have been on a mission in the past weeks to whip the upper level into shape. I've been gathering items that are no longer loved or needed and yesterday we took bags and boxes full of STUFF to Goodwill. Then during this rainy day my patient husband and I spent hours cleaning/scrubbing/and even repainting. I've been saving money and bought 6 lovely new bath towels, some face clothes and hand towels and bathroom rugs, too. I gathered all the mismatched pieces and stashed them away for pet towels, and placed the fresh, pretty new towels in my linen closet. Ahh. They look so nice. I did a "spring clean" on our bedroom, too. Sweet, clean bedding, including a lovely bed skirt and new bed spread, and clean windows. I decided today that I loathed my curtains. Then, while I was cleaning one fell down, so I just ripped them all off and will look for something better in the coming weeks. I can hardly wait to go to bed tonight, I love to sleep in a clean, sweet smelling room. I moved a funky vanity from what used to be our daughters room, and is now our guest room, to MY room. I cleaned an amazing amount of junk out of the drawers, transferred my makeup and hair doo dah's there, and will soon enjoy having a place to primp. I recently bought the fun pink stool seen here at a local "junk" shop. By tomorrow it will be a more proper color, white! Tomorrow's projects involve more cleaning and organizing and tossing. I am delighted with the progress made so far.

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