Monday, December 14, 2015

A dangerous place...

Today I went to the local livestock auction. It was my second trip. The first time I came home with two little brown hen ducks, which have turned out to be delightful characters. I had no plans to bring anything home today, but I did take my truck, with a crate in the back. Just.In.Case.

The little calves make me sad. Some are brand new, as in, just born in the last 24 hours. They've been taken from their mamas, shipped, poked, prodded and paraded. I try not to think about it.

See all those cardboard boxes to the right? They are full of chickens, mostly. The occasional duck, goose, or rabbit appear as the auction continues, as well.

Some are packaged better than others. This guy kept us entertained as we watched. A man in front of us that farms nearby bought him. I think he'll have a good home.

A few rabbits were auctioned off. I have been sort of wanting a rabbit. We had one which we loved, but she died of natural causes a few years back. Out of the blue, the woman next to me said, "You need a rabbit." I smiled at her. She continued, "When we bought our farm a few years back, someone told me that if you kept a free range rabbit in your barn you'd never have rats. They don't like the smell of the rabbits urine." I looked at her, gobsmacked. We've had a bit of a rodent problem of late, and I have trapped a few rats. I fear there may be more. When the poultry handler pulled this tiny rabbit out of a soggy looking box a moment later I elbowed my companion, "Bid on the bunny." She looked at me as if I had sprouted a second head and held her number high. The bidding was fast and furious, and quickly went over $10. My friend said, "I'm not bidding any higher." I gave her another vicious poke, "YES, yes! Bid!" In two seconds the deal was done. I spent $17.50 for an unknown rabbit. The woman to my left looked appalled. "That is the most expensive rabbit here." I shrugged. Farewell, rats!

Turns out he is a 7 month old Netherland Dwarf rabbit. He is currently settled into a crate in the garage with a bowl of water, (he drank and drank when I offered it to him,) some fresh food and tasty hay. He seems to be a friendly chap. I think his name is Mr. Abbot. Mr. Peter Abbot, (say it fast.)

My friend brought home a loud goose. It could have been worse. We didn't bring a calf or pig or anything with hooves. I should avoid this auction. It's a dangerous place for me.

I can't wait to go again.

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Cynthia Eliason said...

If Mr. Abbot gets rid of rodents, the auction is a LUCKY place for you!