Monday, December 7, 2015

Decked halls...

We keep Christmas rather low key here at FairWinds. But there are traditions that must be upheld, and putting up some decorations is one of them. There are little candles in the windows, shining bravely into the long New England night, and looking so cheery as one approaches the house. Simple wreathes on the doors, fragrant and lovely.

Daughter Rachel and her boyfriend did much of the decorating of the tree this year... with some pauses to decorate patient Evans. Chris laid out a platter of cocktail shrimp, and another of sliced vegetables with ranch dressing. We popped a bottle of bubbly and played Christmas music, snacking while we festooned the tree.

It is the best tree yet! (And yes, I do say this every year.)

There is just something about unwrapping the ornaments each year. All those memories...

I stitched this little heart the first year we were married.

And the ones Rachel made when she was wee always make me smile...

There was a slightly squished birds nest in the tree when I brought it home. I plumped it up and tucked a little bark bird inside.

In the kitchen my Santa Clause collection has taken over the little antique hutch my mom gave me.

These Santa's have been gifted to me over the years by some of my favorite friends, family and customers. They are so cheery!

And in the front room the nativity's have reign.

My daughter made the blue figures on the left when she was in high school, and I treasure them. The ceramic set was made for me by a sweet friend in Memphis. I particularly love the little angels up in the shelf, especially the sleeping baby one on the right.

Random shelves are topped with greens trimmed off the bottom of the tree. The pine cone lights delight me with their warm glow.

The halls are decked! I do love the beauty of Christmastime.

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