Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Snow day...

My grooming customers rearranged their appointments for today. The first big storm of the season is upon us.  While Mainer's are not slowed down much by snow, this storm promised snow followed by freezing rain, a dreadful combination.  I woke to a word awash is shades of gray and white, and it was cold when I did chores, 14 degrees.  The horse was waiting in the pasture for breakfast, her thick winter coat blanketed in snow.  She didn't care.  The goats only came out of the shed because I promised breakfast.  They all got a warm drink from the heated bucket after they ate, and headed back inside, out of the storm. I filled the hay racks up and they settled in for a quiet day of eating and napping.  The chickens refused to step outside, as did the ducks.  I brought them all warm water and a big breakfast.  I added extra hay to the rabbits cage, he burrows down deep and looks cozy. 

I filled the wild bird feeders, then I came inside, made breakfast for myself and looked out the window a while.

Warmed and fed,  I got to work.  I like to start the New Year out with some sense of order in my life, and I decided to give my grooming studio a really good scrubbing. This meant moving all the furniture and decorations from where they were so I could wash walls and the inside of the window glass, and give everything an extra good vacuuming. I wiped the walls and the baseboards, and cleaned every little nook and corner.  I even took the pictures off the walls and cleaned behind them.Pet hair is insidious and works its way into the most unlikely places.  Once the "sitting" end of the studio was mopped and clean, I decided to take a little break.  Next I'll polish all the furniture,  dust and wipe the decorative items, and put everything back where it belongs and clean the "business" end.

That feels like a daunting task right now, since it is piled with everything I moved so I could scrub.

Ack!  I guess my break time is over, back to work.  The snow has turned to frozen rain, there are hardly any cars passing on the road outside. I am happy to be snug in the house, bringing order to my life so I can begin the new year fresh and clean. 

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