Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I saw this on the internet a while back and liked it very much.

Last week some of my family members jetted off to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. They minimized the Christmas holiday and opted to sip fruity drinks on a pristine beach instead. The day after they left I was working in my grooming studio, and looking at the very full work schedule I had in the time before Christmas. The thought occurred to me, "I should be jealous, they are in a tropical paradise and I am here working hard in chilly, dreary New England." I tried to work up some envy, but you know what? I couldn't. Not even a smidgen.

It was then that is occurred to me, I had reached the goal. I was (and am) perfectly happy grooming pets in my little studio, looking at the lights on the Christmas tree twinkle on one side, and my livestock outside the windows in the other side. Although I am certain that I would have a fabulous time if I were with my family frolicking in the waves and sitting in the sun,(and I hope they are having a blast!) I am perfectly happy and content right here, right now, with my day to day life.

And that makes me feel incredibly lucky and blessed.

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