Monday, December 28, 2015


It all began innocently enough.  My daughter's friends were visiting from Philadelphia.  They had been out to breakfast, then came to say hi to us. Next they were off to our favorite little antique store. "Do you want to come with us?" they politely asked.  Well of course I did! 

Sadly, I had some cash in my wallet.  More sadly, the store was having a big old sale. 

And I came home with some neat stuff. 

On top is a rather unique silverware caddy.  The edges are curved, rather than square, and the wood is lovely.  It is very old, but sturdy and in excellent shape. I plan to keep my "good" sliver there, ready for entertaining.

Under the caddy is an antique candle box.  Mellow, glowing pine...

With a lovely lid that slides. I already have put a whole stash of candles in there... and freed up a useful kitchen drawer where they used to be stored. 

Treasures!  Things I didn't know I needed, but am glad to have.  Next time I am invited, I think I'll just stay home. It's less expensive.

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