Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas eve...

For the past many years we have invited our friends Scott and Marion over for Christmas eve supper. This year was no different.

We cooked a 17 pound Angus prime rib. Chris was most concerned that we cooked it perfectly... well done on the ends, rare in the center. He had calibrated every thermometer in the house last night. I had to laugh when I saw he had used them ALL to make sure the roast was the proper temperature.

It was perfection.

I turned these huge potatoes into to "twice stuffed spuds." They were very tasty./> We sauteed mushrooms, steamed broccoli, and I made popovers that were quite delicious.

Rachel made the most amazing Boston Cream Pie, all from scratch.

I normally don't have time to fuss with table, but today I did. I used some of my favorite china, my grandmothers flatware, some fresh greens and lots of candles in crystal. Chris brought me roses. I put them in my mom's antique cruets.

We met a new friend. Jerome, Rachel's boyfriends father, joined us. We enjoyed meeting him so very much.

I have enjoyed this Christmas season... the decorating, the plotting of gifts, the music. Today was a treat;working in tandem with my daughter, producing a feast. I was so happy. And so grateful. This season has been a gift.

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