Sunday, March 13, 2016

Goat quote...

My daughter offered to cook supper for our family last night. She invited her boyfriend to join us. Rachel is a natural cook, intuitively adding seasonings that would never occur to me, and creating delicious taste sensations.  She planned on cooking some goat chops, which made me a little worried. 

Several years ago I bought some very expensive goat chops at the local farmers market. We had never tried goat,and thought it would be a good idea to taste it because we were planning to butcher a buckling.  I cooked the chops carefully.  My husband, who has eaten my cooking for over 30 years with never a complaint, literally spit the meat out of his mouth.  He ended up eating a peanut butter sandwich for supper and we thought we just didn't like goat meat. I sold the buckling instead of putting him in the freezer.

 This fall our daughter had a young goat butchered and she has so far cooked goat shanks, (with Italian flavorings) and an Indian inspired curried leg roast. Both were slow cooked, highly seasoned and delicious.  But those chops had me concerned, due to our unhappy earlier taste of them.

She looked up some recipes, and then added her own spin, rubbing the chops with herbs and olive oil.  She cooked them up hot and fast.

I shouldn't have worried.  They were delicious. Tender, moist, and flavorful.  Her boyfriend cleaned his plate then said, "I never thought I'd be eating so much GOAT."  Neither did we, but we find we like it quite a lot!

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