Sunday, March 6, 2016

Road trip...

Chris and I enjoy going for a drive in the country together, and today we did just that, with a little purpose.

We headed towards Fryeburg, a lovely trip past woods, rivers, and lakes and into the White Mountains.  We stopped and had a little breakfast first, and eventually ended up in Stow.

We went to meet someone.

A lovely lady, named Bandit.
An English Shepherd, carrying puppies. I wanted to meet her to see if a pup of hers might be a pleasant addition to our little farmlette. Calm, elegant, and obviously very intelligent, she made an excellent impression on us.
She hopped up into my truck, hoping we might take her for a ride.  I hope she was not too disappointed when we politely refused.  With any luck, however, we'll bring one of her puppies for a ride in May!  

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