Sunday, March 27, 2016

Winged visitors...

A Red Shouldered Hawk has been hanging out in the trees around the perimeter of the property lately. It worries me, because it could attack my poultry.  When I see him I go outside and throw the ball for Dutch, reminding the bird that there are dogs about and he should look elsewhere for a meal.
But I can't help admire the feathered beauty. 

Bohemian Waxwings are migrating through. They travel in flocks, and call out a signature "Scree" song.  The travel from fruit tree to fruit tree, eating the old apples or berries with gusto.  They are skittish and shy, making it especially sweet if I manage to snap a decent picture or two.

 They don't stay long, but certainly do liven the place up when they visit. I don't begrudge them a meal of old fruit in the way I would that hawk a meal of one of my ducks.

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