Saturday, March 5, 2016

Signs of spring...

Vernal equinox is a mere two weeks from today.  Last year this day in March found us surrounded in snow.  Today was cold, but there is no snow to be seen.  When I did chores this morning it was 17 degrees. I accidentally got my gloves wet while watering the animals, and that was regrettable.  Despite the chill, there are hints of spring all around us.

Among the brown shades of dirt and leaves, chives are poking up in the garden.

To my delight, daffodils are braving the season as well.

There is open water where last year it was hard as iron.

And joy!

The Canada geese are here, maybe headed for more southern climes, or maybe here to stay.  Either way, its a good sign.

My friend reports that one of her sheep lambed today. Yes, spring is coming, rich with new life and possibilities.  If I had to choose a favorite time of year, this would be it.

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