Saturday, April 30, 2016

Luna's gift... Zany!

Since that first evening when my husband suggested we bring home a dairy goat, we have had many a zany adventure involving our caprine herd. There have been walks with goats on leashes that turned into the goats in question taking the human on the end of the tether for a brisk drag. There was the very smelly buck in the back seat of my truck. There have been times when young goats danced on the horses back, on the barbecue grill, on the chicken coop, and even on the picnic table when it was set for supper and had guests seated along the benches.  My goats have slipped in the pet door, run amok around the house and nibbled on the furniture before we could catch them and usher them back to the pasture.

I have learned oh so many things... how to give injections and deal with internal and external parasites. How to deliver kids and trim hooves and balance nutrition. How to milk and make soap and cheese and yogurt.  I've gotten to know the nice woman at the feed store and the large animal veterinarian on a first name basis. The neighbors refer to me as, "That lady with all the animals."

Just today my husband and I got roped into driving 2 hours each way to pick up two little newborn bottle baby kids that my daughter had arranged to buy.  She had to work and the dairy where the goats were born wanted them gone, so off we went with a dog crate in the back seat.  It was a lovely day for a drive, and for getting a bit lost, which we did.  Then we trundled two confused little babies into the crate and went out to lunch. With goats in our car.  But that didn't seem too strange when the lady in the car next to us showed me two pretty little chickens she had just bought. It's nice to know I'm in good company.

Here are the new kids.  My daughters first goats of her own.  They are tentatively named Barley and Hops.  It is cold out tonight, so they are snuggled up in a crate in the house. House goats, for heavens sake! 

And it all began with Luna...

 The love, the learning, the hard work and fun and ridiculous moments.  It's all been part of Luna's gift. I am so grateful.

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J Lenni Dorner said...

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Aww. That's wonderful! I keep finding "goat people" (herders?) who talk about many goat joys.