Friday, April 8, 2016

Luna's Gift... Great escapes...

Goats are notoriously difficult to keep inside a fence.  There is a saying, "if your fence wont hold water, it wont hold goats."  We have not had much difficulty keeping our goats in their pasture, but every so often they do make a break for it.  Once out they dine on all the delicacies that have been previously  out of reach, and they explore joyfully.

But I notice that they keep an eye towards home, and when I come to fetch them they race back to their familiar turf with glee.

When I was a child and our family went on vacation, my father would always say the same thing as we turned up our long driveway upon our return. "It's good to go away, but its good to come home, too!"

My goats are living examples of this philosophy.They love to roam, but know there's no place like home.

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