Monday, April 4, 2016

Luna's gift...Cheese!

One of the lovely things about living with goats is the fresh milk they produce. I was terrifically hesitant to take my first sip of goat milk, and was delightfully surprised to find that it tasted very much like the cow's milk I was used to, but perhaps a bit creamier.  Soon we stopped buying milk at the store, and used only our own fresh goat milk for drinking and cooking.

Because my goats produce more milk that we can drink, it didn't take long before I tried my hand at making simple Chevre, a basic goat cheese, from the bounty that was filling my refrigerator.

The raw milk is heated to 85 F. on the stove.  Next, some lemon juice is mixed in. The acid from the lemon juice causes the milk to begin to curdle. The milk and juice mixture is left to sit for 12 hours or so, until it takes on the consistency of yogurt. Poured into cheese cloth, the liquid whey runs out, and the milk solids remain behind.

It takes several hours for the liquids to drip out, but eventually a soft, creamy cheese is ready to be mixed with fresh herbs from the garden. I like to add some crushed garlic, too. It is excellent on crackers. We also like to leave some plain, with just some salt, to use in pasta dishes such as lasagne or stuffed shells. Luscious!

It had never occurred to me that some day I would be whipping up batches of fresh cheese, in my very own kitchen, with milk I procured from my very own goat. It's implausibly delicious.


Sandra Cox said...

Very cool! I'm still acquiring a taste for goat cheese. It's a little rich for me.

Diane Weidenbenner said...

Goat cheese is awesome and I'm so impressed that you made your own. Your goats are pretty cute, too. I love animals of all kinds. I enjoyed reading your blog and found you through the A to Z Challenge. Keep up the good work!

J.H. Moncrieff said...

That sounds wonderful! I've never had cheese that fresh...I bet few people have.

Does Luna mind being milked, or is she good about it?

Sue Elliott said...

How yummy! I love goat's cheese.

lyndagrace said...

Hello, I am visiting from the A-Z challenge. Your blog topic is interesting to me because I have never had the experience of raising any kind of animal. Well, except for my dog, Rico. I've had him since he was 2 months old. He's 15 now. So I guess you can say I've raised him.

C R Ward said...

I love goat cheese. I did a blog series on cheese and was surprised at how many people make their own - and how easy it is to make.

Zannie by the sea said...

last week I started to use goats milk in place of the usual cows milk.
No room where I live to have goats of my own, but it was fun to read about cheese making

zannie rose A-Z visit

Anonymous said...

Yum...homemade soft cheese. And from your own goat? Delicious!