Friday, April 22, 2016

Luna's gift... Simplicity...

Life as a human is busy.  There is the work we do to earn money that occupies our time, rooms to clean, laundry to wash, errands to run.  There are social engagements to attend, relationships to mull over, lawns to mow and gardens to weed.  In my mind there is a whirling "to do" list that keeps me hopping.  "I have to remember to call those customers back, and to thaw some meat for tonight's supper, and mail that card and go to the bank..."  It is difficult for me to turn the brain chatter down, even at the end of the day when it is time to rest and relax a bit. Many a night I lie in bed, sleepless, with untamed thoughts churning in my head.

The goats give no evidence of a similar problem. They live a simple life. When they eat, they eat with gusto. When they play, they involve their whole bodies to the process. When they rest, they rest deeply and comfortably.

I have found that no matter what the cyclone of ideas in my head is thrumming on about, if I take time to sit still a while and watch my livestock, the whirling stills.  If I really focus on them, simply observing them, I can stop time for moment or two. I suspend judgement, I cease planning, I watch without thought. For a fraction of my life I put analyzing on hold. I let the sounds around me filter past, and focus on the animals themselves.  Imagine a small child watching a bee in a flower.  They put their whole concentration into gazing at the actions of the wee thing before them.

When I make an effort to be still and witness what my animals are doing, I find that I am more present in my physical self, and the endless distraction of my subconscious mind is stilled. Here I find peace, and when I find peace all the good and joyful things that make up a part of life are amplified. It's really quite simple. And in that simplicity there is quiet and rest.

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