Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Luna's gift... Utility

Goats are truly "utility" animals.  They can serve so many purposes, even on a very small farmlette like ours.

Let's just lay out all the things goats can do to be indispensable:
  • Excellent, entertaining companions. 
  • Produce delicious, healthy milk that can be used to make yogurt, cheese and soap.
  • Brush control.  Goats can and do graze on grass, but what is best for them is eating low, pesky, brush.  Poison ivy?  A delicacy!  Goats can clear out a scrubby area like nobody's business.
  • Fertilizer- goat "pellets" make excellent fertilizer.  They are low in odor, do not attract bugs as much as cow or horse manure, are less likely to "burn" plants.  
  • Pack animals- goats can be trained to carry a pack or pull a wagon, making them very useful for hiking or hauling things. 
  • Wool!  Did you know that some breeds of goats produce fine, warm, beautiful wool?  Angora goats are bred specifically for this reason.  Cashmere, that most coveted warm wool is from goats.  
  • Skins-Goat skins are used widely to make durable, warm garments.
  • Meat- I am so fond of my goats I rather hate to mention it, but goat meat is delicious.High in protein and low in fat, Chevon is widely eaten world wide, only recently gaining popularity here in the U.S.  It tastes a bit like beef, and a bit like lamb.
 Versatile, adorable and easy to keep, goats can be utilized in so many ways. I think everyone should have a few!

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