Saturday, April 23, 2016

Luna's gift... Trust

Goats were among the first of all domesticated animals, and began their relationship with humans 10-11,000 years ago.  It is believed that Neolithic farmers in the Near East were the first to keep goats for their meat, milk and hides.  This long relationship has certainly been of benefit to humans, and the handful of wild goats tamed those many years have turned into around 300 known breeds of domestic goats today.

This long relationship has resulted in animals that are friendly, smart and easy to handle.  What is a special gift though, is the trust that goats have in their humans.  They rely on us for food, water, shelter and medical care. But they also have genuine relationships with their people.  I have evidence of this due to the way my goats act when they give birth.  They want me with them. In fact, they insist upon it.

When Ella kidded two years ago it was a yard work day. I had been out and about all day, fixing fences, clearing away winter debris from the pasture, cleaning up and patching up.  Ella was staying close to the goat cozy, even when the other girls were out grazing. I was keeping an eye on her.  In the late afternoon she began to call out, and only stopped when I joined her and sat down.

Once I was there, with a stack of clean towels and other birth assistance materials, she settled down.

And began to push.

In no time two little feet in a slippery bag appeared, with a nose just behind them.

Labor was hard!
Ella seemed comforted that I was there.

In no time two strong, adorable bucklings entered the world.

Ella let us dry them off, dip their umbilical cords in iodine to prevent infection, and even help them up to nurse.  This level of trust brings tears to my eyes.  She wanted me with her during this major event. She allowed me to handle her new babies from the moment they emerged. She gave every evidence that my presence at this time was important to her.

Having that level of trust in someone is such a gift.  And having an animal offer that level of trust to me seems like nothing short of a miracle.

Kind of like the marvel embodied in the adorableness of baby goats.

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Jemima Pett said...

Wow! That's all I can say. You have very lucky goats <3
Jemima Pett