Thursday, April 21, 2016

Luna's gift... Rain and snow and how to behave in bad weather.

When I was brand new to goats, and doing lots of reading about their care, I came across something that said, "If the weather is bad for an extended period, make sure your goats have access to food and water in their barn. They won't go out in heavy rain or snow."  I found this rather surprising.  My horse is perfectly happy to graze in the rain, the sheep I had previously owned were out in all weather.  Why not goats?  I suspected that the person that wrote that was being melodramatic.

Then it rained all day one day. And the goats refused to set a hoof out the door. The same is true for snowy days.  A sprinkle or a dusting, they will venture out to eat and drink, but if the weather is harsh, they stay put.

I will keep the hay rack full and haul a bucket of water out to the goat cozy twice a day.  I bring a few snacks, too, to liven things up.

They will spend some time looking longingly out the door, but mostly, they settle in.

They don't like wet, boggy ground, either.  Mud makes them cranky.  In the spring when the ground thaws and the rains come, they trip about like kids on tip toe, acting as if every step were torture.

Here in Maine storms can blow through with great force, and last for days.  The goats have taught me that the best way to deal with them is to lay low. Rest. Nap a little. Eat a bit more than you might ordinarily.  Watch the beauty of the storms from a safe spot.  Then rest some more. Good weather will return, and that is when it is time for the daily frenzy of activity that is the norm.  Moving with the rhythms of nature is a better idea than fighting the wet, wind and weather. Goats have better sense than a lot of people I know.


Barn & Beach said...

Goats, there's a thing, went to see some lambs on a smallholding the other day and it was really eye opening experience. It takes lots of time and effort to look after a herd?
Enjoy the challenge A to Z, cheers

Masked Mom said...

Visiting from the A-Z Challenge and finding your goat tales fascinating. If I am being completely honest, I covet goats. :)