Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A happy sight...

Years ago my friend Liz told me that woodpeckers would often bring their young to her feeder and teach them how to eat seeds and suet. The idea of that enchanted me.  Last summer I was fortunate enough to have several families of woodpeckers bring their newly-fledged babies here to my feeders, and show them the ropes.  The young look almost exactly like the adults by the time they are old enough to leave the nest and go flitting about looking for snacks.  However, they behave very differently from the grown up birds.  They flap their wings and squawk and flutter about in a very clumsy and comical manner.  Today a lot of activity at the feeder caught my eye, and I looked out to see this mama Hairy woodpecker with a chick in tow.  I was very excited to get a couple of shots of her feeding her big baby.

First at the feeder.  Mom is on the right, stuffing some seed down juniors greedy bill.

Then they moved to the deck rail and she helped her chick sample some suet. After that they headed for the trees, no doubt in search of a bug or two for dessert.

As much as I enjoy watching the birds, it makes me laugh to have the tables turned.  See this guy?
He is a male Rose breasted grossbeak.  One of several that frequent my feeders.  But this one does not just come to eat.  He spends a fair amount of time staring in the window at my daughter and me while we work.  He looks quite fascinated to see us there, and stays long stretches without eating. Just peering in.  We call him Tom. Peeping Tom. 

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