Thursday, June 9, 2016

And then a miracle...

About 15 years ago I fell down a little flight of stairs.  Ever since then my middle back occasionally becomes very irritable.  A visit with a chiropractor soon sets me right. 

After I did a face plant on pavement this past April my back has been muttering unpleasantly.  Two days ago I woke up and the muttering had escalated to a shrill scream.  Every time I inhaled it felt like someone was stabbing me with a hot knife.  By the next day I was pretty cranky, and Chris (bless him) called around and found a chiropractor that could see me.  I had never been to this place before, but I couldn't get there fast enough.

 The doctor did a funny scan of my spine, a heart test, and some other things I forget. Then he gave me an adjustment.  My back was way, WAY out wack.  The sounds that came from my body when he did the adjustment were something like the percussion section in an orchestra.  Even the doctor was impressed.  He said "That was a lot. A LOT!" I came home and took a nap.

This morning when I woke up I could barely move.  My back felt like I had taken a beating. Doing chores was sporty.  Bending over was impossible, and everything I did hurt. A lot. I was in despair while I cooked bacon and eggs and milked goats.

Then, about an hour later I had an amazing, incredible realization... I felt better. As in, a LOT better.  My back hardly hurt at all.  And more than that...I felt wonderfully like myself again. 

Ever since I was injured in early April, my energy level has been frighteningly low.  People kept telling me that my body was healing, and that it was natural for me to be tired. More than tired though, I felt like my spark was dimmed. My zest for my wonderful life was missing.  I tried to do as much of my normal routine as possible, and to act happy and upbeat and like my normal self, I really did, but it was just that. An act.

So this morning, when my post-adjusted spine was feeling better, and I suddenly realized that I was really happy, it felt a little bit like a miracle.  I had more energy. The colors around me were brighter, the birds outside the window more enchanting. "I'm baaaaack!" I said to myself, with a little grin. 
And all day long I felt inexplicably terrific. 

I went back to the chiropractor today, and he did more odd things. He sent me home with some sort of flower essence to take, and exercise instructions. I will follow his instructions to a "T."  I can't wait to see how I feel tomorrow.

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