Sunday, June 26, 2016


I have long been fascinated by people who make edible things that most people buy pre-made at the store.  Cheese, yogurt... pasta!  I have learned to make cheese and yogurt, but have never ventured into pasta making.  My friend, however, has. And tonight she invited us over to enjoy spaghetti sauce and home made pasta.  How could we refuse?

Not only did she do all the work to cook us a fabulous feast, she very kindly let us help with the pasta making. She had made the dough earlier, and it was resting in her refrigerator.  She pulled off a small amount to begin with.

Next, she put it into her wonderful little pasta maker.

And turned the ball of dough into a disk. She repeated this several times.
And the dough became longer and thinner each time. 

Once it reached her desired thinness, she turned the dough into noodles.

She hung the noodles over a broomstick until she had made enough.  Then she tossed the noodles into boiling water for just a few moments. Next it was drained and placed on a platter.  Topped with her wonderful sauce and a little grated Parmesan...we had a feast!

And now I am thinking I need a little pasta machine of my own.  Or more frequent invitations to my friends house.

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