Saturday, June 11, 2016


The very first thing I do in the morning now a days is to warm up bottles of milk for the baby goats and get them fed.  It must be done first because they scream and cry and have little goat temper tantrums until the warm milk is exchanged from bottle to belly.  I worry that they annoy my neighbors, and hustle quick to get them taken care of.  This morning, as they were enjoying their breakfast, I heard a quacking sound.  I looked to my right and there was the grey and white hen duck that has been brooding on a hidden next for the last several weeks.  She only comes off the nest once a day.  Then she eats ravenously, drinks like a sailor on leave, and takes a quick bath.  Than back to her secret lair somewhere in the brush pile. 

I made a mental note to get her a scoop of food as soon as the piggy bucklings finished up their meal.
And then I looked again.

Her weeks of dedication have paid off... in the form of 6 adorable wee ducklings. 

I let the drake out of his coop and he waddled across the hen yard and into the pasture, quacking loudly to see the hen.  Then he stopped cold and stared.  I don't think I am exaggerating to say he looked a little stunned. He stood tall, surveying the scene for a long moment. Then he headed off into the pasture to forage for breakfast, the mama duck and babies tagging along behind. 

It was a happy surprise this morning at FairWinds.

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