Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Nap time...

This morning I put Chanel into the back yard to do lawn care.  She provides a full service; mowing,edging and fertilizing.

She worked hard, then took a rest.  For a long time.  She became so relaxed she stretched out, head pillowed on the grass. 

Horses often sleep standing up.  Because they are prey animals that evolved on the open plains, they need to be ready to run from predators at a moments notice. Horses have evolved to have a system called the stay apparatus.  This enables them to lock their tendons and ligaments and relax without falling over.  However, they also need to lie down regularly in order to have deep sleep. Like humans and some other mammals, horses have slow brain wave and rapid eye movement sleep.  Studies show that this most often happens when they are lying down flat on their side, rather than when they are resting on their chest. 

I notice Chanel spends more time lying down than she used to, and once she is down she stays down a long time. She is either 28 or 29 years old now, and certainly deserves to rest.  There is something about seeing her snoozing that really tugs at my heart strings.  I like to think she feels safe and secure, and can enjoy her naps on the soft grass.

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