Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day...

When our daughter was an infant, I had some moments of despair.  I wondered if Chris would be a good father.  He didn't really have a clue what to do with a baby. If she cried, he turned the TV up louder.  Her diapers sometimes left him flummoxed.  When he held her he looked... well, terrified.

But once those early days passed he turned into an incredible dad.  Patient, loving, kind and funny.
And he still is. His daughter adores him.

Here at FairWinds, we have had a bit of a Fathers Day conundrum.  Last week one hen duck hatched 6 ducklings. The drake has been very attentive, watching over the new babies with great care.  Last night another hen duck hatched out 4 sweet new ducklings.  When the drake met them this morning he was displeased.  He ushered the duck with her 6 babies away from the new mama with her 4, then came back and attacked the duck that just hatched ducklings.  She took her brood back to the brush pile where her nest was and stayed there. I took food and water out for them.

 The drake has a clear preference for family #1...
Meanwhile, duck #3 is on a nest.

The drake will not know what to do with all these new families!  I hope he will shape up and be a good father to all the ducklings.

But I know he will never be as good of a dad as my husband is to our "duckling."

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