Saturday, August 22, 2009

Brown supper...

Call the cholesterol police! My wonderful brother in law, Nevada, has cooked us his very special "brown supper." Other than the pot of peerless Cole slaw, the dinner consists of platter after bowl full of food that is deep fried to an unequalled level of crisp, golden, delicious perfection.
The menu? Fried shrimp, (fresh off the dock!) fried hush puppies, (with the zing of jalapeno, yum!) fried okra, and several other fried delicacy's served up with gusto. We have not had the luxury of this meal in 7+ years. Our hearts are glad of that fact, but our taste buds are gladder still for tonight's offering. Best of all the meal was seasoned with the chat and laughter of family gathered at the long, polished table.

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