Thursday, August 6, 2009

A childish suggestion...

On the way home from work I chatted on my cell phone with my friend, Chez. Her little boy hollered, "Have a weenie roast!"
It was a pretty rotten day at work, so I came home and plunked myself in the back yard. From my vantage point in an Adirondack chair, I watched my dogs, chickens and lambs in the yard, and wildlife beyond the fence. It was peaceful and I could feel the stresses of my day draining away. I pondered dinner ideas... grilled chicken? quiche? stir fry? All of those items would require me leaving my happy post and going inside to cook. Duncan's suggestion echoed in my head, "Weenie roast"
I started a fire and wiped off the skewers. Weenie roast... an excellent suggestion.

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